Aerial Photography

From photos of historic boat wrecks, to aerial photos of your house or top down view of where the power cables touch your boundary, we can provide the necessary photo or video footage you need. Having undertaken the necessary RUSTA Remote Pilot Course SUAS LTD has now been permitted by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to carry out Commercial Operations within the SUA 7Kg class under Article 94(5) and Article 95(1) of the Air Navigation Order (being issue a PfCopreviosuly a PfAW).

All procedures have been documented in our own Operations Manual and have been approved by the CAA. We hold suitable insurance with Noise & Trespass cover coupled with Public Liability insurance up to £5,000,000 underwritten by Lloyds. We can also produce your video up to 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels)[/caption]

How does ‘it’ work?

Once you have engaged us we will operate a remote site survey and risk assessment based on Google Maps and also checking any NOTAMS (notice to airmen) issued by the CAA  for the proposed day for the visit. We also check if your proposed site is subject to any restrictions on the day or if you are within controlled airspace. We are limited to a maxim flight ceiling of 400ft however most shots are taken from much lower.

On the day of the visit we normally spend the first 15 mins or so on the day onsite, validating and updating the site survey and risk assessment with any changes or new information. We will then agree with you the areas you wish to be videoed and photographed and we will start the capture. Normally the flight time is around 20 minutes or less. We do all of this for a fixed price (subject to site survey and risk assessment) and can also produce your video for you. We provide all content on a USB key at the time of payment.

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Produced Video