Ringtone.net was started in 1998 by Andy Clarke whilst working for Orange PCS Ltd in the UK. Andy has worked in the Telecoms industry for 33 years. Working for BT from 1982 to 1993 as an engineer, then starting AK Mobile Communications in Gloucester which he sold in 1997. Finally he joined Orange in 1997 and progressed to Test Manager for WAP and Multimedia Services where he tested the very first Orange WAP call. He left Orange in June 2001 to concentrate on ringtone.net.

In October 1998 Andy appeared in the Daily Star and on numerous TV programmes. He was advised by Orange and also Planet 24 (Big Breakfast) to contact the MCPS regarding copyright issues. He contacted the MCPS and enquired about setting up a ringtone scheme however was told that clearance for each ringtone would be required thus making the scheme unmanageable. He persevered and supplied technical information to both Chris Yeadon and Rob Hanley of the MCPS and also a list of 10 ringtones that he thought would be popular.

The scheme was launched later in 1999 and has proved to be a huge success. Andy's ringtones quickly became famous and his first creations, Mission Impossible and The Simpson's gained much interest and have been copied the world over. The domain ringtone.net was registered in March 1999 and was the first UK ringtone delivery site and the second ringtone related domain name to be registered in the world. The first ringtone domain only showed a holding page in March 1999 so really ringtone.net was the worlds first ringtone delivery site. Click
here to see the ringtone.net archives and here for "pre" ringtone.net days.

In July 2004 we made the difficult decision to shutdown the site due to increased number of publishers who were not allowing their works to be used as ringtones. Due to massive public demand we opened the site again in December 2004  our new mobile multimedia services. All of our services are now powered by MediaPlazza which means we have no involvement with the MCPS or PRS as the ringtones are now sent from outside the UK by a third party who manage all of the royalties for us.  With much more content and supported handsets! Hindsight is a great thing and if I had realised this mobile craze would be so big I would have never put all of my content on the web for free. Most of the Worldwide cellular operators were selling my rendition of the Simpsons and Mission Impossible. If there are any clever copyright lawyers out there...give me a call...... :o)

Ringtone.net now specialises in Voice Acting & Acting along with Mobile Network & IT Project Delivery. Ringtone.net also owns and operates severnfm internet radio at severnfm.com & severnfm.com/mobile (@severnfm) under a registered trademark with the UK Intellectual Property Office.

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I know I didn't invent it as some of the TV news items state, but I was definately there at the beginning pioneering days!!

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Gail Porter was so impressed with our ringtones she recorded Andy Clarke's voicemail for him.

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